About Judith Lavendar

Artist Statement

Judith LavendarThe brain constructs its view of reality. My work is based on the things I love or maybe even things I despise. I use this conflict to reflect the conflict I experience in my own psyche and through observation in the daily life around me.  As an Art Therapist, I find that often the eye picks up two-dimensional images and the brain processes them and produces a completely new picture. The world is constructed, not only of real-life data but perceptions and memories and things stored in the unconscious and then becomes one’s own view of reality.

My subjects today include horses which were around me in my early years in Kentucky. Horses probably appeared in my childhood art before the normal representations of the family that children usually make.   Today, I might be working from a photograph or a specific memory or I begin with a concept that gets stored off to the side as I pick up art-making tools. I may have made a trip somewhere new to come away with fresh views or a fresh outlook on a subject, or I begin with a prompt such as thoughts of the living room, an old photo, or from a piece of writing I am working on. I may begin with generalities and gradually fill in the specifics much as a witness to a crime does.

My goal is to entice the viewer into the work and hope his or her experience gives way to something more than was originally expected.  I like to call myself a psychological realist.



  • 2014 MFA, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, low residency program, Provincetown, Massachusetts
  • 2011-2013 New York Studio School, certificate program.
  • 1963 B.A., Fine Arts University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky
  • 1991 M.A. Art Therapy, George Washington University, Washington, DC 2012 Residency at the Vermont Studio Center
  • 1994 – present Master Classes with Joan Snyder and Wolf Kahn. Workshops and extended training with Hong Nuyan Zhang and Lois Wooley, Jim Peters, Jennie Lee Knight, William Woodward, University of Arizona graduate program, and at the Art Students’ League.


  • 2013 Provincetown Art Museum MFA show
  • 2007 IASG traveling group show
  • 2003 Baca Street Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • 1990 Picture This, Warrenton, Virginia
  • 1991 Middle St. Gallery, Washington, Virginia
  • 1989 The Corcoran School of Art
  • 1966 Towson State College, Towson, Maryland
  • 1964 National Print & Watercolor Show, Washington, D. C.
  • 1964 Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio


  • 2013 Touchstone Gallery, Washington, DC
  • 1995 Santa Fe Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • 1990 Picture This Gallery, Warrenton, Virginia


  • 1992-1995 represented by Santa Fe Contemporary Arts
  • (1993 – present) Work appeared as the logo for the Fauquier County Virginia Ride-A-Thon Therapeutic Riding Program.

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